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Your Housing Group, a not-for-profit housing provider that provides over 32,000 affordable homes across the North West, Yorkshire and the Midlands decided to invest in energy saving lighting for two of its sheltered accommodation properties. We’ve been working with Your Housing Group for a significant number of years. In that time we have refurbished and upgraded more than 20 large Sheltered Housing Schemes and several General Needs Schemes across the group’s property portfolio.

Before consulting LED Environment, Your Housing Group was already considering energy-saving for two of its Sheltered Accommodation Schemes. In a bid to address the need for adequately lit common areas in its Sheltered Housing Schemes while aiming to keep its energy expenditure as low as possible, Your Housing Group considered using 38W 2D luminaires with integral movement sensors, which dim down to 10% output when no movement is detected.


Full Brightness

LED ZMP luminaires with integral movement sensors. These luminaires, while comparable in terms of function and costs, use 18W less energy per hour on full output than the alternative 38W 2D, and use only 5.5W when dimmed down to 10%. Over 1000 of these luminaires have been installed in Your Housing’s Sheltered Homes, alongside a small number of other luminaires from LED Environment’s popular Wafer range and 130 series in the entrances and lift lobbies.

The dimmable LED Environment 23W LED ZMP luminaires, which have been installed in the corridors of Your Housing Group’s Sheltered Accommodation, have received considerable praise from both staff and residents. Residents feel safe and secure knowing that the corridors are well lit by luminaires that are never completely off and switch to full brightness as soon as movement is detected. The client project and scheme managers are pleased to note that energy and maintenance bills have dropped significantly, saving a large amount of money and reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Your Housing Group Contract Manager (North), Ian Whiteley commented:

“The quality of the LED luminaires are exceptional, robust in design, easy to install, aesthetically pleasing in appearance and very competitively priced, which combined with the unconditional first year on-site warranty and four years return to base thereafter gives YHG total peace of mind.

We estimate that the new LED lighting and lighting controls installation have in addition to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions have generated enough savings in electricity and reduced maintenance costs for the lighting upgrades to pay for themselves in around 3 to 4 years and with all the products being a minimum of L70 classification and of such high quality we are confident of many more years of reduced energy and maintenance costs and reliability once the warranty has expired.

The residents and staff of the upgraded schemes are highly delighted with the quality of the lit environment, the energy savings provided by controls dimming down the luminaires to 10% in circulation areas when no movement is detected and the feeling of improved security due to the high degree of reliability ensuring that all areas are always adequately lit.

I can unconditionally recommend LED Environment to any organisation needing to consider upgrading their existing lighting/emergency lighting installations or requiring luminaires for new build projects.”